After installing the theme make sure to install plugin "Xala" in ImpressPages Design menu. 

To add menu entry that points to specific posision of some page, like Contacts menu item in Home page, or menu items in this page:

  1. Create new menu entry.  

 2. In "Xala Options" Specify the Original page where the content will be. (Home page) 

 3. Specify anchor, witch will act like URL. (in this case "contanct")

 4. Go to original page and add Heading widget or background widget.

 5. Select options and specify the same anchor ("contact").

 6. Don't forget to save and publish the page. 

Background widget

 Background widget has many options. 

  • Background Color 
  • Text Color
  • Anchor (for single page navigation) 

Next option are only for fullwidth skin.  

  • Background paralax image image. (make sure you have wide image because images are fitted by width)
  • Paralax speed. (can be a number from 0 to 1 or from 1 to infinity, this is paralax speed witch may depend on image, recomended 0.5, walues lover than 1 means that image is moving slower than scrolling speed and bigger values mean that image will be moving faster than scrolling)
  • Text shadow add's dark shadow to text.
  • Transparent background color ad's background color over the image.  


Gallery has slider skin(Cycle). Each slide in slider can have 3 different types. Types are chosen in Link configuration. 

  1. Lightbox: heading and description without link
  2. Url: slide with heading, description and link on heading
  3. None: only image


In Design configuration it is possible to change most of theme colors.

Just change what you like and click preview.

After you are done you can save options.